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Some Common Questions

Our Family Genealogy Pages contains information about thousands of families related to Roger Lee Navarre and Sandra Sue Andrus.  We provide this web site to share the results of thousands of hours of research with other family members.  Please do not abuse this generosity by simply copying information from our site and putting it on Ancestry.com or other paid web sites without providing a reference to this site. (See our Terms and Conditions.)

Please, be our guest

While it is not necessary to log in to our site to search for people in our database, you will be required to log in to see information about people in our family tree. Please feel free to log in as a guest. You can do so by clicking on the Login link:

Login Link

You will be presented with the following window:

Enter guest for the Username and OFGPguest as the Password. Be sure to use upper and lower case letters just as shown.

Are you a family member?

If you are a descendant of someone in our family tree we welcome you to register for a family account at our site. Doing so may give you special privileges at the site, including the ability to see information about living relatives. You can register by clicking on the Family Member Registration link found on our home page or go straight to the New Account Form page to sign up.

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How do I find who I am looking for?

There are several ways to find out if your family members are included in our family tree, but the most straightforward way is to use the Search box at the top right of every page.

Simply enter a surname and/or given name, then press the enter key or click on the spyglass icon.  A list of possible matches will be presented to you. You can then simply check on one of the entries listed to see information about the person. (If only one person matches your criterea you will be presented with that persons's information page.)   To view of list of surnames contained in our tree click on the [Surnames link].  Click on the [Advanced Search] link to bring up a screen that will allow you a great many choices for finding people in our databse.

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How do I find an individual's ancestors?

Once you locate an individual and have displayed the person's details on their personal data page, the easiest method is to click on the Ancestors tab.   This will show you a graphical display of both the paternal and maternal ancestors. Once you have the ancestor chart displayed, you can click on the arrows located at the far right ancestor if you need to see additional ancestors. There are a number of formats for you to choose from (Standard, Compact, Box, Text, Ahnentafel, and Media) to display ancestors. Try clicking on the various options and see which one works best for you. You can also create a pdf file that you can save to your own computer.

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What if I want to see an individual's descendants?

The tab marked Descendants can be used to display the descendants of an individual. There are four different formats in which descendants can be displayed. The default is normally "Standard" but you can switch between these to display the information the way that works best for you, or even create a pdf file that you can save to your own computer.

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Can I select a different descendant's tree when I'm in Text mode?

Yes, Once the Descendants chart is displayed in Text mode, you can show a specific branch of descendants from the selected ancestor by pressing the descendant icon () next to the descendant you wish to display.

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Is there a way to tell how two individuals are related?

Yes, the Relationship tab will show a graphic display of all the people between two relatives. To use this function, locate the first individual and then press the Relationship tab. Then use the find button to locate the second person to be displayed.

Once you have the two people selected click the Calculate button to display their relationship.

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What is the Timeline function?

A timeline is displayed for an individual when the Timeline tab is clicked.   The time line shows important events in history that occurred during the life of an individual or a group of individuals. It gives you a unique perspective into what was going on in the world during the lives of our ancestors.

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If I see a mistake in the information presented can I correct it?

The Suggest tab allows you to send corrections, updates, comments or any other information to the database administrator.  Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion using the Suggest tab. The database administrator will evaluate your suggestion and add it to the database in the next web update cycle if appropriate.

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What are the drop-down boxes for on the upper right of the page?

These are site menus designed to provide direct access to many of the functions of the site.   You can hover your mouse pointer over each to see the options available. Click on the one you want.   These options open new screens to:

  • Browse the thousands of media files available.
  • Find people, families, cemeteries, places, etc.
  • Get information about the site.
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Why can't I see information about a certain person?

We take great pains to protect the privacy of all family members. All names, dates and other information of living individuals are 'hidden'. They simply appear as "Living" on search screens and their detailed information is not normally available. Registered users can have access to this information. If you are a direct descendant or relative of people listed on this website, please take a moment to register by clicking on the Family Member Registration link in the menus at the top of each page or go straight to the New Account Form page to sign up.  You will be asked to provide evidence of your relationship. When accepted, you will be able to view all records of your ancestor's descendants contained in the database.

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What if I forget my username and/or password?

If you can't remember your username then, via the 'Log In' page, enter the email address you supplied when you registered and we will send you your username.
However, for security purposes we don't have access to your password. So, if you forget it, you can ask the system, again via the 'Log In' page, to issue you with a temporary one. Just enter the email address you supplied when you registered and your username.

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How do I use the Google Map displayed on the Individual Page?

  • If you dont see a map, toggle the Event Map on by clicking on "Click to Display".
  • Click on the Event Number pin to open the map in a new window.   In that new window you can get driving directions to or from this location.
  • Click on the Google Earth icon to view using the Google Earth desktop application once you have downloaded and installed the application on your desktop.
  • Use the + (plus) to zoom in on the map and the - (minus) to zoom out, or you can use the slider to control the zoom. Click and hold your left mouse button on the map to move the map.
  • You can also click the Satelite button to view the map as a satellite picture with names.
  • Click the pin number on the map to get the description, date, and location of the event.

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